• Agnes Sebestyen

New survival game for condo Developers

Everything I have known and observed about residential project marketing needs to be re-evaluated from bottom up.  It is not enough to simply flood the social media with flashy online presentations describing a utopian lifestyle flowing seamlessly from buying a unit there.

The approaching obsolescence of those marketing methods was immensely sped up by COVID. With masses of thinly qualified and less sophisticated Buyers permanently disappearing the Developers must be prepared for the much better informed and much more prepared Buyers in an oversupplied market place.

The new Buyer’s analytical, comprehensive approach must be met with matching quality marketing with less fluff and more substance to put the inquisitive mind of a new Buyer at ease regarding the potential governance and strata financial concerns beyond Completion.

If you are planning to market or buy new construction let’s connect and make it a substantial success.   


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