• Agnes Sebestyen

Pet Misery!

Potential Buyer likes the condo and the complex but has a dog that is significantly larger than what the pet restriction Bylaw allows.

This is a self-managed Condo Complex, the Listing Agent suggested to request an exemption by the Strata Council. The Buyer’s Agent approaches the Council to get a feel whether such request would fly or not. Hard stop.

In reality, however nice and understanding the Strata Council members might be, they simply do not have the authority under the Strata Property Act to make an exemption in this particular case. Further pursuit of this issue will inevitably lead to disappointment, possibly legal problems if this Buyer ends up purchasing the unit and brings the larger dog in contravention of the Bylaws. In such cases, when in doubt, it is important to get legal advice prior to making an offer or at least prior to subject removal.

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